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Source: Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence Orders of Protection (OPs) involving Members of the Same Family or Household What is an Order o Protection (OP)? An order of protection (OP): Is a court order issued by a judge.Because the OP is strictly a court order, only a judge can cancel or change the OP in any way.An OP is not an order between the people involved in the case. Neither the person protected by the OP nor the person required to obey the OP can invalidate the order or change it in any way.New York State Criminal Procedure Law § 140.10(4)

By Kenneth S. Feraru, Esq. It should come as no surprise to any licensed driver in the State of New York that New York Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 319 requires those owning or operating a motor vehicle to have a minimum amount of liability insurance for personal injury, death or property damage caused by the negligence of the owner or operator of that motor vehicle. I'm sure we can all agree that this is a good law, as it provides for compensation to those who have sustained damages, and affords protection to the owner and operator of the vehicle