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Pulled Over? Nervous? Consider this . . .

The Long Island criminal defense law firm of Kenneth S. Feraru, P.C. understands getting pulled over by the police can make you nervous; however, remembering a few simple rules will make the exchange a lot less stressful and may even help you if you are in fact arrested.
If you see a police car behind you with emergency lights flashing and siren blasting:

  • Don’t speed away
  • Don’t keep driving assuming the officer is not interested in you
  • Don’t pull over to the right hand side of the road without using your turn signal
  • Don’t leave the engine running – the officer will be on alert for a quick getaway
  • Don’t anxiously move about your car – the officer may think you are trying to hide something
  • Don’t search for your wallet or registration papers until he asks for them – the officer may think you are reaching for a weapon
  • Don’t attempt to get out of your car unless asked
  • Don’t speak first – especially asking questions such as “Is there a problem?”
  • Don’t allow the silence of the police officer, who is analyzing the situation and deciding on appropriate and lawful action, scare you into confessing to a violation or negligence of any kind
  • Don’t give long and absolute answers
  • Don’t argue with whatever the police officer claims you were doing
  • Above all, don’t forget that silence is not a way of admitting you are guilty

Our Long Island New York Law Firm Can Help

Staying calm during an interaction with a police officer is always the best course of action. Keep in mind that law enforcement officers are trained to expect the worst possible outcome even from what appears to be a routine stop. Don’t make a seemingly harmless exchange with a police officer blow up in a major event. You may end up in more trouble. If you need to discuss the details of your Long Island criminal defense case with a trained Nassau County attorney, the law firm of Kenneth S. Feraru welcomes the opportunity to assist you.

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